The seminar ANALIT-SHIMADZU in Petrozavodsk

The seminar ANALIT-SHIMADZU  in Petrozavodsk

Date: 30 January 2019

Place: Hotel Cosmos 

Address: Petrozavodsk, Kuibysheva str., 26




«ANALIT» and Shimadzu company are glad to invite you to the seminar «Shimadzu analytical and testing instruments. New products, areas of application and examples of using in various fields of science and industry». It will be held on January 30, 2019 in Petrozavodsk.
The program will include equipment review and application reports along with the demonstration of instruments. Special attention will be paid to various ways of optimization of practical tasks in the modern laboratories.

The seminar will include 2 sections:

1. Gas and liquid chromatography and mass-spectrometry. Spectral instruments. Аuxiliary equipment for laboratories with different fields of activity and industries. Sample preparation. TOC-analyzers.
2. Testing instruments for research of physical and mechanical characteristics of materials.
Each section will end with prize drawing and issuing of participation certificates.
Participation in the seminar is free.