ANALIT Production

ANALIT company is not only a supplier, but also a developer and manufacturer of its own laboratory equipment. We test the created equipment on the basis of our accredited laboratory. Currently, ANALIT develops and manufactures original high-tech auxiliary equipment for spectral analysis methods and sophisticated chromatographic complexes for the petrochemical, chemical, oil refining, metallurgical industries and respective laboratories. A number of solutions implemented by us are protected by patents. The equipment developed and manufactured by ANALIT is operated successfully in the laboratories of such enterprises and organizations as "KINEF" LLC, NLMK Group, JSC "TANECO", "TAIF" GC, JSC "SGS Vostok Limited", OA "Inspectorate R", etc.

ANALIT company develops and produces

Specialized analytical solutions

ANALIT offers a series of specialized analytical solutions for oil and petroleum products quality control, based on GC and LC chromatographs manufactured by SHIMADZU. Each analytical complex is delivered in accordance with the requirements of certified analysis methods and includes a set of standard samples, reagents and additional equipment.

The complex is based on chromatographic systems and components from leading manufacturers (Shimadzu, VICI, Restek).

Auxiliary equipment for spectral analysis methods


An all-inclusive system for sample preparation, calibration solutions, reagents and vessels for trace analysis using AAS, ISP-NPP, and ISP-MS methods.

Structure of the system:

  1. CWU — Clean Workspace Unit
  2. Sample concentration system using non-boiling evaporation method.
  3. Steam cleaning system for laboratory vessels.
  4. System for deep and efficient purification of acids by distillation below boiling point.