ANALIT takes part in VI All-Russian conference with international participation for young scientists “Macromolecular nanoobjects and polymer nanocomposites”

ANALIT takes part in the VI All-Russian with International Participation School-Conference for Young Scientists “Macromolecular Nanoobjects and Polymeric Nanocomposits” held in Moscow region on October 9-14, 2016.

Nanomaterials and nanocomposites are one of the priority stream of development of modern material science. Due to its specifics of the objects, synthetic approach and wide range of instrumental methods of studying the structure and properties the polymer science offers great potential for the development of this new field of knowledge.

The purpose of the conference is to establish an interdisciplinary dialogue
between leading experts in the field of science and industry, the exchange of
relevant information and discuss the latest advances in this field of science with
young scientists and students.


Program activities include plenary lectures by leading Russian and foreign
scientists dealing with chemistry and physics of nanomaterials, oral presentations
of fellow researchers and industry representatives as well as graduate students,
and poster sessions.
Each session will be followed by the thematic round table, which will be
discussed plenary presentations and issues raised in them.

Main topics:

- Macromolecular nanoobjects.
- Functional polymer nanoobjects and nanocomposites.
- Theory and computer simulations of polymer nanocomposites.
- Modern methods of studying nanoparticles and polymer nanocomposites.
- Polymer composite nanomaterials for high-tech applications.

At the end of the school-conference the conference participants who
have successfully passed tests receive a certificate verifying the training course
on "Macromolecular nanoobjects and polymer nanocomposites".

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