ANALIT takes part in "Polycondensation-2016" symposium.

ANALIT is a sponsor and participant of "Polycondensation-2016" symposium.

The "Polycondensation" symposium has been held every two years since it was founded in Paris in 1996. "Polycondensation 2016" will be eleventh such meeting and will be proudly held in the period of September 11-15, 2016 at A.N. Nesmeyanov Institute of Organoelement Compounds Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow) and at St. Petersburg.

The scientific program of the symposium "Polycondensation 2016" includes a wide range of topics demonstrating the most interesting field of science and condensation polymers technology:

- New methods for the synthesis of the condensation polymers

- From monomers to polymers, new synthetic approaches

- Advances in the study of the polymers properties

- Polymers on surfaces and boundary layers

- Polymers for biomedical, pharmaceutical and healthcare

- Polymers for engineering plastics and fibers

- Polymers for energy, electronics, optics, photonics

- Polymers and nanotechnology

- Polymers unusual architectures including dendrimers

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