ANALIT-SHIMADZU seminar in Moscow

ANALIT-SHIMADZU seminar in Moscow

Date: 20 March 2019

Place: Central Journalist Hall  (View on map)

Address: Moscow, Nikitsky blvd, 8 (subway station Arbatskaya)




ANALIT and Shimadzu companies are glad to invite you to the traditional spring seminar «Shimadzu analytical and testing instruments. New products, areas of application and examples of using in various fields of science and industry». 

The seminar will feature reports on the use of modern analytical equipment for solving industrial and scientific problems. The event will be useful for employees of laboratories of various profiles, researchers and graduate students, as well as technical specialists of enterprises.

Reports will be read by employees of the ANALIT group of companies, equipment consultants of the Russian representative office of Shimadzu, as well as special guests.

 The seminar will include 4 sections:

  1.  Gas and liquid chromatography, chromatography with mass-spectrometry, auxiliary equipment for the laboratories in different fields of activity and industries.
  2. Testing instruments for research of physical and mechanical characteristics of materials.
  3. Spectral instruments. Auxiliary equipment. Sample preparation. TOC-analyzers.
  4. Equipment for biotechnologies and pharmaceutical analyses. Auxiliary equipment for production of various bioactive compounds.