ANALIT-SHIMADZU seminar in Izhevsk

ANALIT company invites you to participate in the seminar "Analytical, testing, lab and auxiliary equipment of SHIMADZU and other companies for industrial and scientific laboratories», which will be held on April 18 in Izhevsk.

In the reports, much attention will be paid to the practical aspects of using of spectral, testing and chromatographic equipment, methods of optimization in the factory, research and controlling laboratories.

The event will be interesting for technical specialists of enterprises, laboratory staff in various fields, scientists and graduate students.

The program of the event includes 3 sections:

Section 1. Chromatography and chromatomass-spectrometry.
Section 2. Spectral devices. Auxiliary equipment. Sample preparation equipment.
Section 3. Test equipment for the analysis of physical and mechanical properties of materials.

The seminar will feature leading experts of ANALIT company and Shimadzu Corporation.