Results of events for pharmacists and food producers. Photo report

ANALIT Ltd and Shimadzu successfully held of events in Moscow and St. Petersburg for specialists of pharmaceutical and food industries. In total, they were visited by more than 100 participants.

The reports were read by leading specialists of ANALIT and consultants on analytical equipment of Shimadzu. The guests of honor were: Takahiro Kokatsu, head of Shimadzu Europe GmbH representative office in Russia, Uwe Oppermann, head of Food industry, Shimadzu Europa GmbH and head of analytical methods development Department of Active component Dmitry Geibo.

  • The following topics were considered within the framework of the events:
  • Data Integrity
  • Experience in implementing LabSolutions CS software in a modern pharmaceutical corporation.
  • Current Trends in Food Analysis
  • State Pharmacopoeia of the Russian Federation XIII and XIV editions: review of the first introduced General Pharmacopoeia articles.
  • Analytical Intelligence
  • Liquid and gas tandem chromatomass spectrometers SHIMADZU for the determination of organic impurities in pharmaceutical substances, finished dosage forms and food products. Practical experience.

After the seminars in the accredited laboratory ANALIT held a master class on software products LabSolutions CS and LabSolution DB. 

At the master class, specialists of pharmaceutical companies were able to see the network software for monitoring and managing the work of equipment and personnel of a modern laboratory, data collection, processing and storage LabSolutions CS.

The seminar in Moscow


The seminar in Saint-Petersburg



The master class in Saint-Petersburg