Nexera Bio – a Biocompatible Liquid Chromatograph

An ultrafast inert LC system, Nexera Bio offers the same superior reliability, robustness, and expandability as other Nexera series ultra high performance liquid chromatographs (UHPLC), and is particularly well suited for analyzing protein-based pharmaceuticals, antibody drugs, and other substances developed or manufactured using biotechnologies, such as genetic engineering, cell fusion, or cell culturing. The Nexera Bio is not only compatible with mobile phase solvents containing high concentrations of salts or acids, which are typically used for analyzing antibody drugs and membrane proteins, but has also been designed to inhibit peak tailing caused by adsorption to tubing. Such tailing can especially be a problem when analyzing phosphorylated peptides, which have a high affinity for metals. Consequently, the Nexera Bio helps ensure high-quality data is acquired and analyzed.