Clean Working Place, developed by ANALIT Ltd for trace spectral analysis

Most of the errors occurring during the trace elements determination are caused by the contamination of the solutions at the stages of samples or calibration solutions preparation. One of the main sources of contaminations is the laboratory atmosphere that contains the admixtures of the determined elements in dust and aerosol forms.
Other contaminations may come from the laboratory vessels being used, water and reagents, dosing units
and the analyst himself. Background concentrations of elements in a common laboratory can be quite
high and may cause serious random and systematic errors, especially during the determination of  widespread elements such widespread as Al, Si, Ca, Mg, Na, Fe, Zn, Cu, P, etc.

It is usually recommended to perform the analysis in dust-free “clean rooms” to avoid these errors.
Such rooms have the inflow ventilation systems with multi-stage air filtration, walls, floor and ceiling made of special non-dusting materials and the air-lock entrance. However, it is not always reasonable to create these dust-free “clean rooms”: it is quite expensive, difficult and not very comfortable for the staff. There is much easier solution.

OUR SOLUTION is Clean Working Place (CWP):

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