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Daria Korkina

Daria Korkina

Head of Analytical Laboratory ANALIT.
Specialist in X-Ray analysis, AAS, ICPE, ICPE-MS.

Publications   by   Daria Korkina

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  • Clean workplace-a comprehensive solution to the problem of contamination of samples during trace element analysis.

Magazine "the Analyst" № 2-2016  Authors: D. Korkina, Y. Clark- Karskaya, A. Ivanova, A. Zakharova, A. Kuzin, I. Grinstein 

  •  Integrated approach to elemental analysis of a sample with unknown composition.

Magazine " Factory laboratory. Diagnostics of materials" № 11-2014  Authors: I. Grinstein, A. Zemlyanikina, D. Korkina