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Ilia Grinshtein

Ilia Grinshtein

PhD, Head of ANALIT Ltd., a Member of Scientific Council on Analytical Chemistry of Russian Academy of Science

Research interests-atomic absorption analysis of mineral raw materials, food products, biological samples and other complex matrices. Author of more than 100 publications.

Publications  by Ilia Grinstein
Materials  in the section " Articles":

  • Shimadzu spectral instruments and their applications in the pharmaceutical industry
    (Journal "Pharmaceutical technologies and packaging" № 1-2012) Author: I. L. Grinstein
  • Comparative analysis of dry red wine by high-performance liquid chromatography and atomic emission spectroscopy.
    (Magazine "the Analyst" № 2-2017) Authors: A. Zakharova, A. Kravchenko, A. Ivanova, N. Isupova, I. Grinstein, ANALIT Ltd
  • Clean workplace-a comprehensive solution to the problem of contamination of samples during trace element analysis.
    (Magazine "the Analyst" № 2-2016) Authors: D. Korkina, Y., Clark-Karskaya, A. Ivanova, A. Zakharova, A. Kuzin, I. Grinstein 

  • Comparative study of the qualitative composition of honey.
    (Magazine "the Analyst" № 5-2015) Authors: A. M. Kravchenko, A. M. Zakharova, A.G.  Isaeva, J. Clark- Karskaya, I. L. Grinshtein, N. Ulyanovskiy, D. I. Falev, O. V. Minakova)
  • A comprehensive assessment of the elemental composition of hair and nails techniques XRF And ICP-AES.
    (Magazine "the Analyst" № 2-2015) Authors: A. G. Isaeva, A. S. Zemljankina, A. M. Zakharova, I. L. Grinshtein
  • Control of the purity of the process equipment by determining the total organic carbon.
    (Magazine "the Analyst" No. 6-2014) Authors: A. M. Kravchenko, I. D. Protasova, A. M. Zakharova, I. L. Grinshtein

  • Vitamins in fresh juices in summer.
    (Magazine "the Analyst" № 5-2014) Authors: A. M. Zakharov,  A. M. Kravchenko, N. Isupova, I. L. Grinshtein

  • Stability of vitamins in fresh juices.
    (Magazine "the Analyst" № 3-2014) Authors: A. M. Zakharov, A. M. Kravchenko, N. Isupova, I. L. Grinshtein

  • Determination of ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid in mayonnaise by the method of ion-pair reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatography.
    (Journal "Sorption and chromatographic processes" № 1-2014) Authors: A. M. Zakharova, I. L. Grinshtein, L. A. Kartsova, V. E. Potolitsyna.
  • Integrated approach to elemental analysis of a sample with unknown composition.
    (Journal " factory laboratory. Diagnostics of materials" № 11-2014) Authors: I. L. Grinshtein, A.S. Zemljankina, D. A. Korkina
  • Determination of carbohydrates and sweeteners in food and dietary supplements by high-performance liquid chromatography.
    (Journal "Analytics and control" № 2-2013). Authors: A. M. Zakharova, I. L. Grinshtein, L. A. Kartsova