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ANALIT company is not only a supplier, but also a developer and manufacturer of its own laboratory equipment. We test the created equipment on the basis of our accredited laboratory. Currently, ANALIT develops and manufactures original high-tech auxiliary equipment for spectral analysis methods and sophisticated chromatographic complexes based on Shimadzu instruments for the petrochemical, chemical, oil refining, metallurgical industries and respective laboratories. A number of solutions implemented by us are protected by patents. The equipment developed and manufactured by ANALIT is operated successfully in the laboratories of such enterprises and organizations as "KINEF" LLC, NLMK Group, JSC "TANECO", "TAIF" GC, JSC "SGS Vostok Limited", OA "Inspectorate R", etc.

Specialized chromatographic complexes produced by ANALIT

Specialized chromatographic complexes produced by ANALIT

ANALIT offers a series of specialized analytical chromatographic complexes based on Shimadzu gas and liquid chromatographs. Each complex meets certain methodical requirements (GOST, ASTM, UOP, certified methods, etc.) and includes all the necessary set of standard samples, reagents and additional equipment for implementation of the specific method.

ANALIT provides the customer with comprehensive service and methodological support: formulation of the analysis method, training of the customer's personnel, free consulting support, guarantee and post-guarantee service.


The following complexes are launched in serial production:

Auxiliary equipment for spectral analysis produced by ANALIT

Auxiliary equipment for spectral analysis produced by ANALIT

For ICP-OES, ICP-MS and AAA methods, we offer simple and effective solutions to prevent contamination of samples and calibration solutions in the process of their preparation and storage, solutions for concentration of samples, for deep cleaning of reagents and utensils used in the analysis.

Use of our products allows us to secure the process of preparation of samples and calibration solutions from any external effects, to reduce the time of the entire analysis cycle considerably, to reduce the detection limits of most elements significantly and to improve the accuracy, repeatability and reproducibility of the analysis.

We offer:

CWP systems produced by ANALIT are also used effectively:

- as cabinets for distillation of corrosive-active reagents and work with them;

- wherever it is necessary to create compact and, if required, mobile clean, dust-free zones.