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Accredited analytical lab of ANALIT

ANALIT has its own accredited analytical lab equipped with the modern instruments of Shimadzu and other manufacturers that allow to perform nearly all the possible analysis methods.


Main instruments:

  • UV-1280: UV/VIS spectrophotometer.
  • UV-1800: UV/VIS spectrophotometer.
  • IRAffinity-1S: Infrared spectrometer.
  • АА-7000: AA spectrometer with the electrothermal atomizer and two background correction systems (deuterium and self-reversed line).
  • EDX-800: energy-dispersive X-ray fluorescent spectrometer.
  • EDX-8000: energy-dispersive X-ray fluorescent spectrometer.
  • GCMS-QP2010 Ultra: gas mass-spectrometer with the quadrupole mass-filter for working in the electron impact mode.
  • GC-2010, GC-2010 Plus and GC-2014: gas chromatographs equipped with thermal conductivity detectors, FID and also with the AOC-5000 autosampler capable of dosing the liquid samples, analyzing vapor phases and performing solid-phase microextraction, autoinjector AOC-20i.
  • LC-20 Prominence and LC-30 Nexera: liquid chromatographs with spectrophotometric, diode array, refractive index and fluorescence detectors and with auto sampler SIL-30AC
  • TOC-L spn: total organic carbon analyzer.
  • HMV-G: microhardness tester.
  • AGS-X: bench-mounted testing machine with the maximum strength of 5 kN.
  • AG-50kNX: bench-mounted testing machine with the maximum strength of 50 kN.
  • SALD-2300: laser particle size analyzer
  • ICPE-9820: parallel-action optical emission spectrometer with ICP.

Auxiliary equipment:

  • MDS-6: micro-wave oven.
  • MARS-5: micro-wave oven.
  • Retsch MM301: ball mixer mill.
  • HANNA HI 2211: pH-meter.
  • Shimadzu AX200: electronic balances.
  • Millipore Simplicity: water purification system.
  • Millipore Milli-Q Integral: water purification system.
  • LabTech ED54: sample preparation system.
  • SNOL 7.2/1100: furnace.
  • SNOL 67/350: drying oven.
  • SPEKTR-6М: hydrogen generator.
  • ZVET-CHROME 8: hydrogen generator.
  • JUN-AIR OF-302-25B: air compressor.
  • Heidolph VV: micro rotary evaporator.
  • Chromatec 10.0: air filter with catalytic purification.
  • LabTech Smart H150-1000: chilling unit
  • LabTech Sepaths: automated system for solid phase extractor
  • LabTech MultiVap-8: automated concentrator
  • LabTech Digiblock ED36S
  • Retsh PP25: press
  • Sigma 2-16: centrifuge.
  • Branson 1510: ultrasonic bath.
  • IKA Vortex GENIUS3: vortex mixer.
  • BUCHI R-300: rotary evaporator


Lab news:

  • We have developed and certified the method for measuring mass-fraction of Al, Si, P, Ca, Mn, Fe, Ni, Cu, Zn, Mo, Ag, Cd, Sn, Pb in lubricating oils by X-ray spectral analysis with the Shimadzu EDX energy-dispersive X-ray fluorescent spectrometers.
  • Currently is being developed the method for measuring mass-fraction of metals in ferroalloys by X-ray spectral analysis with the Shimadzu XRF-1800 wave-dispersive X-ray fluorescent spectrometers.
  • Currently is being developed the method for assaying of metals by AA-analysis with propane/air flame.
  • Currently is being developed the method for assaying of organic acids in food products, silages and haylage by liquid chromatography.
  • Research in progress to assay the amino acids in nurtures, feed compounds, food products and pharmaceutical products by liquid chromatography.
  • Currently is being developed the method for assaying of aromatic hydrocarbons in the air by sampling with the sorption tubes and following GCMS thermal desorption.



Main activity lines:


  • Development and implementation of analysis methods
  • Adjustment of existing methods for specific instruments or new objects of analysis
  • Demonstration of instruments
  • Training for analytical lab staff
  • Consulting in the area of analytical chemistry
  • Performing of analyses